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DASH4PROFDUserInterface / MenuBar


The menu bar runs along the top of the main display window. It allows you to open up a number of sub-menus. These menus will give you the access to the following options:

File Menu

  • New layout
This option will clear away all of the objects from the design window.
  • Load layout
This allows you to load a previously saved CMG file.
  • Save layout
This will save your design (configuration) to a CMG file.
  • Restore default variable information
Variable information get changed when you make changes to the variable properties. This option helps you to restore the variable tree to the original state it had when you start the software for the first time.
  • CAN file management
This will open the Variable and CAN manager application that allows you to manages the variable and CAN information.
  • Write configuration
This allows you to program the device with the new configuration data. The device firmware will also be updated.
  • Read Configuration
This reads the current configuration from Device and loads into the configuration software.
  • Add comments to configuration
This allows you to add (or edit) comments to your configuration.
  • Reflash
This allows you to update the firmware of your DASH4PRO FD device.
  • Exit
This allows you to exit from the program.

Add control menu

This menu allows you to add controls to the design area.

Following section briefly discusses each of these controls. For more information on the properties of the controls read the Control Properties section.

  • Numeric display
The Numeric Display represents the data in numerical form. This display will update on the display screen as data is logged. For more information on altering the properties of this control, refer Numeric display properties section.
  • Graph
This displays information in the form of a graph which updates itself as data is logged. For more information on altering the properties of this control, refer Graph properties section.
  • Bar-chart
This displays the information as a progress bar, which updates as data is logged. For more information on altering the properties of this control, refer Bar-Chart properties section.
  • Text
This control allows you to add text to the display. The text will not be affected by any data that is logged. For more information on altering the properties of this control, refer Text properties section.
  • SB Text Results
When triggered tests are enabled, SB text results object is used to display output from a SPEEDBOX unit.

  • Image
Image control can hold an user defined or a factory bitmap and user can show/hide this control based on a variable value/range.

Screen menu

This menu allows you to switch between 12 design screens to configure them (add/edit/remove controls and change control properties, associate variables with controls etc.).

Configuration Menu

This menu allows you to configure the following sections of DASH4PRO FD unit.

  • Startup bitmap
Allows you to set a startup bitmap for the DASH4PRO FD unit. Please note that the size of the bitmap must be 128 x 64 pixels.
  • Display Screens
Allows you to configure data screens to switch automatically between them depending on a variable value.
  • Gear Display
This menu item opens the Gear Indicator setup dialog that allows you to configure the Gear variable. When configured correctly, gear variable returns the current gear you are in.
  • RPM
Opens the RPM dialog that is used to configure the engine RPM
  • Shift Lights
Opens the Shift lights dialog that is used to configure the shift lights on DASH4PRO FD display unit.
  • Reference sector times
Opens the Reference sector times dialog that allows you to program a set of reference sector times and calculate Predictive lap time, reference sector delta and reference lap delta based on that.
  • Variable timeout
Allows you to set the time for which a variable is considered to be valid after it has been received.
For example, if we set a value of 2 seconds, then 2 seconds after the last data sample on this channel has been received on this channel, the displayed value will go to "-".
  • Triggered SPEEDBOX tests
Allows you to configure the triggered SPEEDBOX tests. To display the test results on DASH4PRO FD, SB Text Results object needs to add to the screen(s) that you configure.
The setting on this page are the same as when setting this directly from the SPEEDBOX, more information is available here.
  • CAN settings
This allows you to configure the CAN bus and data phase parameters.
  • CAN output commands
Opens a dialog box which lets you configure the DASH4PRO FD to output CAN messages on when screens are changed or a button (or a button combination) is pressed.

Help Menu

This menu allow you to open the local help file (installed with the software) or to access the online help system.
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