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AnalysisCustomTransformations / MathematicalFunctions

Mathematic Functions For User Defined Variables

- : Substraction as, X-Y
+ : Addition as, X+Y

^ : Raise to the power of y as, X^Y
/ : Division as, X/Y
* : Multiplication as, X*Y

<= : Is less or equal, X<=Y
< : Is less than, X<Y
>= : Is greater or equal, X>=Y
> : Is greater than, X>Y
== : Is equal, X==Y
!= : Is not equal, X!=Y

xor : Logical XOR as, X xor Y
or : Logical OR as, X or Y
and : Logical AND as, X and Y

sin : Sine function, sin(X), X is in radians
cos : Cosine function, cos(X), X is in radians
tan : Tangent function, tan(X), X is in radians
asin : Arcsine function, asin(X), X is in radians
acos : Arccosine function, acos(X), X is in radians
atan : Arctangent function, atan(X), X is in radians
sinh : Hyperbolic sine function
cosh : Hyperbolic cos function
tanh : Hyperbolic tangent function
asinh : Hyperbolic arcsine function
acosh : Hyperbolic arccos function
atanh : Hyperbolic arctangent function

log2 : Logarithm to base 2 as, log2(X)
log : Logarithm to base 10 as, log(X)
ln : Logarithm to base e (2.71828...) as, ln(X)

exp : e raised to the power of x as, exp(X)
sqrt : Square root of a value as, sqrt(X)
sign : Sign function, -1 if x<0 ; 1 if x>0 , sign(X)
round : Round to nearest integer as, round(X)
abs : Absolute value, |x| = abs|X|
int : Integer part of the given value as, int(X)
if : if(x, y, z) {if x=1 then y ; else z}

sum : Sum of all as, sum(a1, a2, a3,... an)
avg : Average of all as, avg(a1, a2, a3,... an)
min : Minimum of all as, min(a1, a2, a3,... an)
max : Maximum of all as, max(a1, a2, a3,... an)

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