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Hardware / THERMO12


What is the THERMO12

The THERMO12 is a 12 channel thermocouple amplifier and signal conditioner available for K, J, E, and T type thermocouples, the 12 channels of data are sampled at up to 20Hz and the resulting values are transmitted on CAN and/or RS232 output ports.

The THERMO12 can be connected directly with a Race Technology data logger such as the DL2, or a speed sensor such as the SPEEDBOX MINI). Additionally the THERMO12 can be used as a standalone thermocouple amplifier, trasmitting data to an external CAN or RS232 data logger.

The data output rates and filtering are individually adjustable for each channel.

For more information see the following pages:

For instructions on operating the configuration software for the THERMO12 see here

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