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VIDEO4Technical / CheckTheVIDEO4CPULoad

How to check the CPU load, and free buffers (using the analysis software)

With data logged on the VIDEO4 there are a couple of extra channels of data that are available. Typically these do not need to be used, and are mainly used for problem solving and development. The extra channels include:

  • the video frame that is associated with that time
  • the CPU load expressed as a percentage, typically this will be about 75%-85% depending on the complexity of the layout, the bit rate, the encoding scheme and the content of the video.
  • the number of input audio and video buffers, typically the unit will have 6 or 7 free buffers, however if the CPU load is very high then it is possible that this will dip down as low as 2 without any negative impact on video quality.
  • The amount of free CF buffer space, this is expressed as a percentage. Typically this will be between 80% and 100%, however if the card is generally slow then it will be lower and if there are problems with the card there maybe brief spike down to lower values.

Page last modified on May 06, 2009, at 10:47 AM