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DASH2 Getting Started

This file contains a quick guide to getting started with the DASH2. Further installation, connection and configuration advice is available in the DASH2 instruction manual, or by clicking here.

Connecting Your DASH2

The DASH2 is supplied with a wiring harness to connect to the the vehicle wiring loom, power supply, external sensors, and an RS232 connection for configuring the DASH2 and connecting to a data logger. In order to use the DASH2 in standalone mode it is necessary to connect only to the power supply and vehicle wiring loom. Full details of how to do this are included in the DASH2 instruction manual, provided with each unit. To use the DASH2 with a data logger it is simply a matter of also connecting the DASH2 serial cable to the logger. External sensor connections can either be made directly to the DASH2, or via a DL1 or DL2 data logger.

Setting up your DASH2

The DASH2 configuration settings can be changed either directly by connecting to a PC running the configuration software, or via connection to a data logger. The DASH2 stores its configuration settings in internal memory, so each time the unit is powered up it will automatically return to the last configuration settings uploaded. The configuration file can be placed on the SD card of a data logger for uploading to the unit, or the unit can be reconfigured through the USB connection on the data logger. Otherwise, the DASH2 will use the last set of configuration settings uploaded and stored in internal memory.

For more information on how to set up the DASH2 display, read the software documentation here.

Page last modified on October 12, 2016, at 03:03 PM