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DataAndConfigurationMessages / 52ChannelDataChannel

Channel data channel

Channel Number52
Total Length67 bytes

Channel being set up = Data1
Multiplication factor A (floating point) = Data2-Data5
Multiplication factor B (floating point) = Data6-Data9
Multiplication factor C(floating point) = Data10-Data13
Multiplication factor D (floating point) = Data14-Data17
Upper alarm value (floating point) = Data18-Data21
Lower alarm value (floating point) = Data22-Data25
Long variable name = Data26-Data33 (8 bytes ascii)
Short variable name = Data33-Data35 (3 bytes ascii)
Units name = Data36-Data38 (3 bytes ascii)
Number of places after decimal point = Data39
Maximum rate of change (floating point) = Data41-Data43
Filter rate (floating point) = Data44-Data47
Reserved for future use = Data48-Data65

Output =AX^3+BX^2+CX+D
The change in value between the previous and current value is then limited by the value in Maximum rate of change. The filter is then applied in the form:
New value = Filter value x current value + (1-filter value) x last value
So a value of 1 puts no filtering on the signal.
Values of 0 in the filter rate and maximum rate of change are ignored.
NOTE: Floating point values in the following section consists of three byte mantissa (LSB first) followed by 1 byte exponent, these are in PIC format.

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