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HowDoI / ManuallyCommenceLoggingOnDL1MK3

How Do I - Manually Start & Stop Logging On The DL1 CLUB?

Step 1

Insert a suitable SD memory card into the DL1 CLUB, it has a maximum memory card capacity of 32GB & the card must be formatted to FAT32.

Step 2

The unit will restart once a memory card has been inserted & the Status light on the front of the unit will illuminate.

Note - When the SD memory card is not inserted, the Status light will not be illuminated.

Step 3

Press the Start/Stop Logging button on the front of the DL1 CLUB. The Logging light will now illuminate & the data logger will start logging data to the memory card. To stop logging data to the card, simply press the button again & the Logging light will not be illuminated anymore.

Page last modified on January 15, 2020, at 12:34 PM