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LegacySoftware / DL1AndDL2Configuration

Configuring the DL1 and DL2

To configure the DL1 and DL2, you need to run the Configuration Tool. This is accessible through the Start menu, under the DL1 and DL2 sections of the Race Technology Software heading.

When you first get your DL1/DL2, it will be configured to the factory default settings. This configuration has all the channels enabled at 100 Hz, and all logging settings for the Memory Card enabled. For the Serial Port, all the channels are at 100Hz, and all the logging options, except for the Incoming serial data and the GPS raw data, are enabled. Also, the Auto Start/Stop will be disabled, the baud rate for the serial port will be set to the highest value (115200 Baud) and the GMT offset will be set to 0:00 hours.

The DL1 and DL2 configuration methods are very similar. For both cases, you have to load up the Configuration Tool, and alter the settings. The only difference between the DL1 and DL2 configuration tools is that the DL2 has 16 analogue channels where as the DL1 only has 8.

Page last modified on July 02, 2015, at 09:22 AM