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RTLIVEV2-MotorsportAndIndustrial / Installation


The RT LIVE v2 unit should be located in the car so that it is:

  • protected from moisture
  • mounted away from extremes of temperature, so for example away from the vehicle exhaust
  • not subjected to very high levels of vibration
  • The device can mount in any orientation.
    • Mounting brackets are available, although for temporary installations, “scotch lock” or dual lock tape can be a preferred alternative.

The unit is supplied with a power lead and a fused automotive 12v plug, for many applications the connector will be removed for a hardwired installation. There is no problem in doing this, but the unit must still be protected fused with a 2A fuse.

There are two seperate antennas for the RT LIVE v2 unit:

  • 4G LTE antenna is adhesive and mounted on the windscreen.
  • GPS antenna is magnetic mounted on the roof

Please take care that:

  • The GPS antenna must be mounted on the highest point on the car and pointing upwards
  • The 4G LTE antenna is a self adhesive type and needs to go on the inside of a window
  • 4G LTE and GPS are connected the correct way around on the unit
  • both connectors are finger tight, no tools should be used
  • the cables from the antenna to main unit are not kinked, trapped, or otherwise damaged. If they are then a new antenna will be required, and this would not be covered by the warranty.

For further guidance about locating the GPS antenna are available here.

Page last modified on June 15, 2023, at 10:47 AM