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Hardware / IMU06-tactical


What is the IMU06-tactical?

The IMU06-tactical is a compact 6 degree of freedom inertial measurement unit. It provides 3 axis acceleration (maximum 18g) and angular velocities (maximum 300 degrees/s) on CAN, RS232 and analogue output formats. The IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) used in the device is of a “Tactical” grade, giving incredibly high accuracy. Output rates are user configurable up to a maximum of 100Hz. The unit can also provide a timing pulse to indicate the moment at which the sample has been taken for data alignment purposes.

NOTE: The IMU06-tactical outputs roll, pitch, and yaw rates, not actual roll, pitch and yaw angles. These can be estimated from the rates but will not be exact.

Who is the IMU06-tactical designed for?

The IMU06-tactical is designed for vehicle dynamics testing applications, particularly for suspension or braking testing. It can also find application in a number of other position sensing applications such as stability control.

IMU06-tactical General Specification

IMU06-tactical Gyroscope Specification

IMU06-tactical Accelerometer Specification

Connections and Pinouts

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