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ReflashingTheBRAKEBOX / UpdatingTheBRAKEBOXFirmware

Updating the BRAKEBOX Firmware

To reflash the BRAKEBOX firmware you need to run the reflash program. The software supplied with the BRAKEBOX must first be installed onto a PC. The reflash utility is then accessible through the "Programs" heading on the Windows Start menu, under the "Other" section of the Race Technology Software menu.

The BRAKEBOX should only be reflashed with approved firmware updates provided by Race Technology. The BRAKEBOX will only accept reflash commands for a very short period (about 2 seconds) from startup, after which it switches to normal operation. In order to reflash the BRAKEBOX, the reflash program is started first, and continually attempts to connect to the BRAKEBOX. When the BRAKEBOX is switched on it detects the attempted connection from the reflash program, sends the correct response, and does not switch to normal operation until reflashing is complete. The following sequence of operations must be performed in the correct order in order to reflash the BRAKEBOX:

1) Ensure that the BRAKEBOX is turned off (remove power supply connection to the unit).

2) Ensure that the BRAKEBOX wiring loom is connected to the 12-way main connector on the BRAKEBOX case and connect the serial connector labelled "display" on the wiring loom to the serial port of the PC. A USB to RS232 adaptor is available from Race-Technology if required for PCs that lack a serial port, such as some laptops.

3) Start the BRAKEBOX reflash program on the PC. Select the required hex file with which to reflash the BRAKEBOX (this will be the new firmware file provided by Race Technology, with a .hex file extension), select the correct serial port, then press “Reflash BRAKEBOX now!”

4) Immediately reconnect the 12V power supply to the BRAKEBOX. At this point the reflash program will indicate that a connection has been established. Press the "OK" button on the dialog to acknowledge this, and the program will then reflash the BRAKEBOX, whilst displaying a progress indicator. When this has reached 100% the reflash is complete.

5) After reflashing is complete the BRAKEBOX 12V power supply should once more be cycled by turning off and then back on again. Reconnect the display while the unit is off. The BRAKEBOX should then resume normal operation with the new settings. In the unlikely event that the unit should fail to start, it is likely that the existing firmware was erased, but the new firmware was not correctly written. To correct this you will need to repeat the reflash procedure starting from Step 1, above.

Page last modified on April 22, 2008, at 10:14 AM