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DASH4PRO2 / DisplayingData

Displaying Data

There are four user configurable screens in DASH4PRO that can be used to display the data receiving from the attached logger. They are named from SCREEN 1 to SCREEN 4. Data screens have lower priority than Lap/Sector screens and alarming messages. When DASH4PRO has to display lap/sector information or alarms it temporarily stops displaying the data screens and switch to the high priority screen.

Data to be displayed on these screens are configured using the DASH4PRO configuration program. It allows you to add controls to the screens, arrange them, and format. Each screen can hold up to 10 controls. Following are the controls available: -

  • Numeric Display Represents the data in numerical form.
  • Graph displays the data as a moving graph which can be set with either a manual or automatic scale and a choice of update rates.
  • Bar-chart displays the information as a progress bar, which updates as data is logged.
  • Text control allows you to add static text to the display. It is possible to show or hide this control based on the value of the variable that has assigned to it.

Please refer the DASH4PRO configuration software manual for more information on how to configure a DASH4PRO

For information on how to send configuration information to a DASH4PRO, please refer the section on Configuring a DASH4PRO.

Switching between Data screens

Switching between normal data screens can be done either manually or automatically. Manual switching is described below. For information on Automatic switching read the Automatic Switching between Normal Data Screens section in the DASH4PRO Configuration Software manual.

You can toggle between the data screens by the pressing a button or button combination that has been programmed for the “Next Screen” or “Previous Screen” functions.

When you change the screen, the new screen number is briefly displayed on the LCD. If the selected screen does not have any thing to display (i.e. screen has no controls in it), it will give a message “Skipping screen n” and jump to the next screen, where ‘n’ is the screen number (1- 4).

Note that when DASH4PRO is shipped from the factory, UP and DOWN buttons are normally assigned with the “Next screen and “Previous screen” functions. Later on you may assign one of these buttons for another function. Read the Editing button functions section to learn about assigning DASH4PRO functions to programmable buttons.

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