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VIDEO4 / VIDEO4Options

VIDEO4 Options

The later models of the VIDEO4 sport have options that include:

These options are specified at the time of purchasing, and are not available on all units. If you are unsure about what options are available on a particular unit then you can check in several places to confirm:

  1. there is a label on the bottom of the VIDEO4 which is ticked to indicate the options fitted
  2. if you check on a card that has been used in the VIDEO4 unit, there will be a file called "DIAG.TXT" in a directory called "INTERNAL", part way down this file it lists what options are fitted for example, this is an extract from a unit with all options enabled:

0000001844 4 Camera System

0000001844 Internal GPS available

0000001844 Internal Accelerometer 6g FSD

0000001844 Internal analogue channels available

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