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VIDEO4 / VIDEO4Professional

VIDEO4 Professional

Differences between sport (plastic) and pro (waterproof CNC’ed aluminium) versions

Metal CNC’ed enclosure:

The enclosure of the VIDEO4 professional is CNC machined from aluminium and is more resistant to impact and to a certain extent vibration than the VIDEO4 sport.


The VIDEO4 professional is fully sealed with ‘o’ rings, and all connectors are sealed to IP66 standards.

Deutsch connectors:

The VIDEO4 professional uses very high quality Deutsch connectors.

More flexible power supply:

The power supply on the VIDEO4 professional works over a much larger range and has even more internal protection than the VIDEO4 sport.

Passively cooled:

The VIDEO4 professional is passively cooled using it’s metal enclosure as a heatsink without the need for a fan.

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