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OperatingTheDASH4PROFD / DemoMode

Demo Mode

Please check contents in this page, especially the red coloured paragraph below

  • 5.1 Demo Mode

You can get an idea on how the DASH4PRO will look like in actual operation, by looking at the DASH4PRO FD demo mode screen. In essence the demo screen is a simulation of the DASH4PRO FD in action if the display objects were configured to show a sinusoidal signal. Once you enter this mode, four display objects will be shown.

To view the demo screen:-

1. Enter menu display mode by pressing the MENU button.

2. Use the UP/DOWN buttons and navigate to menu item 5 Test DASH4PRO in the main menu. Press SET button to enter the sub menu of it.

3. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to navigate to menu item 5.1 Demo Mode and press the SET button to enter the "Demo mode".

4. You can leave the demo screen at any time by pressing any of the buttons.

Page last modified on December 13, 2023, at 03:45 PM