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RTLIVESpecification / AuxMessages

Aux Messages

The RT live optionally outputs a number of messages that can be useful in checking its operation. These messages are enable with the RT live configuration software. They are output at 1Hz and should generally be left turned on as they do not take up significant memory or data bandwidth.

AUX 7 Mobile data status
AUX 8 Data rate from the RT live to the cloud server (upload rate) in Kbit/sec (RTLive only)
AUX 9 Data buffered in unit
AUX 10 Movement detection level
AUX 11 Time since movement
AUX 12 Estimates time to fix surveyed position
AUX 13 ADAS 2nd unit status
AUX 14 Data from the cloud server to the RT live (download rate) in kBytes/s (RTLive only)
AUX 15 GPS operation mode
AUX 17 Advanced GPS satellite status
AUX 18 Advanced satellite corrections status
AUX 19 Received RTCM correction type
AUX 28 Tracked satellite count

For more details see here.

Page last modified on August 24, 2021, at 01:20 PM