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Software / LiveMonitor

Live Monitor software

The Live Monitor is both quick to use for simple monitoring of output data, and configurable for clear monitoring of specific channels. The software will display all output data from the connected product and suitable for use with any Race Technology product including DL1s, DL2, SPEEDBOX, DASH2PRO, ECU interface.

The Live monitor software can be used in following ways:

  • It can be used to check output data and variable values are correct, as well as being used to read voltage values from connected sensors.
  • The Virtual dashboard consists of 10 configurable data screens which can be used to display any of the variables within the software
  • Scripted tests pane was once a part of the Performance monitor software. Performance monitor software is a PC based real time testing package to use with the SPEEDBOX system. The software was typically used for acceleration and braking type tests. The “Scripted tests” is now added to the Live Monitor software and with this new addition, Live Monitor can be used instead of Performance monitor with enhanced features.
  • Records live serial data coming from the data logging device (DL1, SPEEDBOX etc.) into a Run data file (.Run) - so that it can be loaded into the Analysis software for later analysis. The recorded file can also be output to a Race Technology device using the Live Monitor.
  • The Live Monitor can be used to output data to Race Technology equipment. This is useful to diagnose problems and check the configuration of a display after setting it up.
  • It can display text messages from the SPEEDBOX range of products including warnings, errors and performance messages.
  • It can display all the raw data in real time to assist in finding errors in the data stream.
Page last modified on November 16, 2020, at 04:51 PM