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Software / RTCLOUD

Operation of the RT LIVE Website

RT LIVE Website consists of following sections.

  1. Run list section - Used to view the details of run files uploaded to the RT cloud using "RT Cloud" application on your PC or View data uploaded by the "RT LIVE v2" hardware units. (Note: You can view more details of the journeys listed in this page using the Run details page.)
  2. Run Details section - Used to view and edit the details of the journeys selected from the home page.
  3. Live map - This section shows the real-time map updates from the connected RT LIVE v2 units.
  4. Live data section - Used to view live data coming from the "RT LIVE" units with real time map updates.
  5. Settings section - Used to change settings related to the data displayed on the Run list and Live data tabs in this web page.
  6. Account section - Used to Add new "RT LIVE" units and to configure them, configure RT LIVE account, and to purchase credits
Page last modified on October 28, 2023, at 06:40 AM