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PerformanceMeter / PerformanceMeterSettings

Performance meter settings

Menu 9.1.1: Trigger Value

This is the longitudinal acceleration setting which requires to detect initial vehicle moment. Default value is 0.1g. This setting is required for all the three performance tests.

Menu 9.1.2: Start Speed

This is the minimum speed of the vehicle to begin the test. This is required for Time between Speeds and Time Quarter Mile tests.

Menu 9.1.3: End Speed

This is the maximum speed of the vehicle to end of measure the test results. This is required for Time between Speeds and Time Quarter Mile tests.

Menu 9.2.1: Distance

This is required for Time over Distance test. When the vehicle is travelled this distance, it stops the test and show results.

Menu 9.3.1: Rollout

This setting is used for Time Quarter Mile test to measure Rollout. Possible settings are Disable Rollout, Enable 8-inch Rollout and Enable 12-inch Rollout. When enabled with either the second or third setting, Rollout will be measures and displayed when the test is completed.

Menu 9.4.1: Speed Unit

This is the unit used for speed calculations and result output in all the three tests. The possible settings are mph, kph and meters per second.

Menu 9.4.2: Distance Unit

This is the unit used for distance measurements. Possible units are feet and meters.

Menu 9.5.1: Timeout on GPS speed

If a timeout is set and if the GPS speed message didnít receive within the set timeout, the speed will be set to zero.

Menu 9.5.2: Zero speed clamp

If this is set, the speed will become zero if it is less than this value.

Menu 9.5.3: Lock threshold

This value is checked against the GPS accuracy estimate. If the GPS accuracy estimate is less than this threshold value, it is accepted as a valid GPS lock. If it is greater, it is rejected.

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