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Introduction to the RT LIVE PRO

The RT LIVE PRO is packaged to match Race Technology's range of industrial products. Operation of the unit is the same as the standard RT LIVE product, except that the case is aluminium, and it uses different connectors which are better suited to industrial applications.

RT LIVE is a new type of data logger, with full access enabled over a wireless mobile data network internet connection. Data files stored on the unit can be accessed over the internet, and all inputs to the device can also be monitored in real time over the internet using any web browser (including Apple and Android products).

RT LIVE is ideal for applications where data logging or monitoring is required, but the vehicle is inaccessible for long periods.

Typical examples would be mileage accumulation vehicles, customer vehicles, climatic testing or field trials.

Live telemetry includes the following information:

  • Vehicle CAN data
  • Additional analogue sensor data (8 channels built in, additional channels via expansion modules)
  • Live vehicle location, speed and acceleration, via GPS and inertial sensors
  • User defined alarm conditions on all data channels with alarm history

For basic applications, the unit can be used standalone and in this case the installation is very straightforward. Simply connect 12V power from the vehicle, along with the supplied mobile data network and GPS antennas and it is ready to stream live data or record data to its internal memory for periodic download over the internet.

For more advanced applications the unit can be used as part of a wider data acquisition system, or a Race Technology CATS-INS system. In this case the RT LIVE can be connected to any combination of external CAN sources, analogue sensors, and other Race Technology equipment including the SPEEDBOX products, DASH4PRO data display, and the new THERMO12and ANALOG16 high accuracy thermocouple and analogue expansion modules.

As well as live telemetry feed, all information can also be continuously uploaded over a mobile data network connection to a server. When a mobile data network connection is not available the data is automatically buffered in the RT LIVE internal memory and uploaded to the server the next time a mobile data network connection is available.

Once uploaded, the data is securely stored on a cloud server as standard format Race Technology data (RUN) files which are compatible with all Race Technology software, including the comprehensive data analysis package.

Alternatively the data can be very easily converted to other formats including Excel and Matlab.

Data streaming is automatically started and stopped based on either the vehicle movement, or whenever the unit has power, alternatively it can be controlled manually from the start/stop button on the RT LIVE, or a connected Race Technology DASH4PRO dash display unit.

Each RT LIVE unit is registered on the Race Technology website before first use. Either a single unit can be registered to an account, or a batch of units can be registered together for ease of management of a vehicle test fleet.

Page last modified on September 26, 2019, at 12:30 PM