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MacroSupport / RemoteLiveData

Remote Live data

The example "Remote Live data" macro connects to the specified RT Cloud account and displays live data for some or all of the units registered to that account. The units that send data, and the variables that are display can be controlled from Excel. For example it’s possible just to get the current speed from all the units.

The most common target applications for this are race management, and professional field testing of vehicles. For race management is might be desirable to monitor the speeds of all vehicles whilst a warning flag is displayed for example. For processional applications it might be desirable to have the real-time status of all vehicles to monitor for any possible safety concerns.

To setup “Remote Live Data” macro, it is required to configure login details and set path to CAN DBC file under “Settings” sheet.

User can start receiving live data by clicking on “Go Live” button in “Live Data” sheet. The “Status” cell shows the current login and data reception status. After clicking on “Go Live” button, user needs to configure the required variables and units that are needed to be shown under “Live Config” sheet. The macro lists both undefined variables and units under “Undefined Var IDs” and “Undefined Units”. User need to add required Variables and Units to “Variable ID” and “Units” columns. Once this step is completed, data from Remote units will be shown in “Live Data” sheet.

To edit the macro code, user needs to click on “Visual Basic” button in “DEVELOPER” Menu. Remote Live Data functionality is implemented under “Live Data” sheet.

Page last modified on March 19, 2018, at 11:59 AM