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LegacySoftware / ConfiguringDASH2

Introduction to the display configuration tool

The display configuration tool can be used to control the behaviour and operation of DASH2 - LCD dashboard with shift lights.

This section of the help document is split into the following detailed topics:

  • Variable scaling - this section describes how to set up the conversion of a voltage or frequency to a "real" physical quantity, for example air temperature, fuel level, oil pressure. You can also use the variable scaling option to change units, for example speed in mph or kph.
  • Variable filtering - this section describes how to set up the unit to reject noise and spikes that would otherwise cause erratic display values or incorrect alarm conditions to be triggered.
  • Alarms - this section describes how to set up the alarm levels for each of the input channels.
  • RPM setup - there are several options available for configuring the RPM processing and display, these are explained in more detail in this section.
  • Gear indicator setup - options for configuring the gear indicator settings
  • Variable naming and formatting - options for setting up the name, abbreviation, displayed units etc of the variable
  • Setting up the data screens - this section shows you how to layout the information displayed on the screen.
  • Other general options - this covers any other configuration options not already described in the sections above.
  • Configuring the hardware - once you have entered all the configuration information into the software, this section explains how to transfer the configuration information to the display unit itself.
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