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LegacyProducts / VIDEO4


VIDEO4 is a powerful and configurable combined video/data logger.

The VIDEO4 is designed to integrate seemlessly with our other products including our dataloggers and displays. In the case that when the VIDEO4 is used with a data logger, then the data logger simply becomes a "data source" which feds data to the VIDEO4 unit, there is no need to have a flash card in the data logger and there is no need to access it. All the data and the video are recorded on the flash card in the VIDEO4 unit. The Video and Data are perfectly synchronised so that the user will be able to analyse them side by side using RT Analysis Software.

The VIDEO4 combines the 4 video streams and overlays the graphics in real time so only a single video stream is stored on the flash card. The video is recorded at a very high quality and stored in standard DVD format, either PAL or NTSC as required.

The complete video/data system has been optimised with simplisity and speed in mind. For the first time it means that video and data can be analysed quickly and simply, with almost no additional overhead compared with data alone.

Once the logging/recording is complete the flash card can be taken from the unit and then used in our powerful analysis software, to instantly generate a DVD or simply played back using our own video player software.

The unit was initially designed for automotive applications such as circuit racing cars, rally cars, hill climb cars and road cars. However it is also ideally suited to use in other applications such as power boats and motorbikes. The unit may be used for all types of car testing within the auto-industry and can provide a vital tool for road safety and race training within driving schools.

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