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SPEEDBOXConfigV85 / OutputSerialData

Output Serial data

This screen enables serial configuration messages to be configured on the two serial ports. Each serial port can be configured to output either Race Technology (RT) format messages, or NMEA messages. For most applications it is recommended to use RT format messages, since these messages are designed to work seamlessly with the Race Technology PC software and other Race Technology hardware products such as dashboards and dataloggers. NMEA format is provided for those with a need to interface to third-party hardware or software that requires this format.

Serial port 2 is shared with the USB port on the standard SPEEDBOX, and replaced entirely with the USB port on the SPEEDBOX-MINI.

A button is supplied for each serial port to set the message rates to the Race Technology default rates. It is recommended that this button is used to set the rates if it is intended that the data will be further analysed by the Race Technology PC software such as the Analysis program or the Run Processor, since this will ensure that all required messages are available in the data at the minimum required rates.

The default baudrate for Race Technology products is currently 115200 baud. It is recommended that this setting is left unchanged unless you have good reason to change it.

Caution: Changing the baudrate for either serial port will require the config software to have the connection baudrate changed on the main screen in order to subsequently reconnect. Thus you should not forget what baudrate the serial ports are set to if changing from the default, or reconnection may be problematic. Note also that it is possible to change the baudrate using the PC software to a rate higher than the PC can support over a serial cable or USB-to-serial adaptor (typical max rate 115200) in which case it may be impossible to reconnect in order to set it back. If a higher baudrate is required then it is best to leave at least one serial port at 115200 for the configuration software to connect to (only raise the speed of one port, never both). In the event that both serial ports have been set to high speed (>115200) then connection from the PC is normally possible using a direct USB cable connection (not a USB to serial adaptor).

For each port there is an option to pass through RT format messages. When this is ticked, any Race Technology format messages will be decoded and retransmitted along with the built in data. This applies to data messages; the unit will automatically re-transmit RT configuration messages to other equipment as required without having to tick these checkboxes. It is recommended that these checkboxes are left unticked unless data re-transmission is definitely required.

More detailed information on the available serial messages is available on the following link:

Page last modified on June 06, 2019, at 11:52 AM