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GeneralOperation / ManualStartOrStopLogging

Manual start/stop logging

The user can start logging at any moment by pressing the “Start/Stop Recording” button if the unit is ready. Following steps need to be followed to manually start logging.

  1. Check all cables are correctly connected including cameras, Microphone, DL1 and power.
  2. A Removable CF card is inserted with enough free space.
  3. Power on the VIDEO4 unit.
  4. Make sure the VIDEO4 is ready to start recording by checking LED indicators (See LED indicators of the VIDEO4 for more details)
  5. Press “Start/Stop Recording” button on the front panel of the VIDEO4 to begin
  6. If logging started correctly, the RECORDING_LED will light up. (See LED indicators of the VIDEO4 for more details)

To stop logging manually the same button is used. Once the button is pressed to stop, the VIDEO4 unit will finalize the files and the Recording LED will switch off to indicate it is ready to proceed with another recording.

Note 1: You can add Auto Start/Stop recording conditions to your graphics overlay file during the design using the VIDEO4 Configuration Tool. Once the overlay file is loaded into the VIDEO4 system and if Auto start condition is met, VIDEO4 system starts recording and it will continue until the Auto Stop Condition become true.

Note 2: When you start recording a file called “RESTART.CMD” is written to the flash card. In the even that the VIDEO4 unexpected stops, for example because power is disconnected, then the VIDEO4 will see this RESTART.CMD and immediately restart recording when it is powered back up. The VIDEO4 only removes this file when recording is stopped in one of the normal ways, i.e. with autostop or a press of the recording button.

Page last modified on April 29, 2019, at 01:35 PM