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Frequently asked questions

  • How does the lap and sector timing work without a beacon?
Because the DASH2 PRO uses the GPS data either from itís own GPS receiver or from a data logger, the system always knows its position on the track. To set your current point as a lap or sector timing marker you simply press a button on the DASH2 PRO. The lap and sector times every time you subsequently pass that point on the track and are displayed on the unit
  • If the GPS data is 5Hz, does this mean the times have a resolution of 0.2 seconds?
No, the system calculates the position very accurately and the lap times have a resolution of 0.01 seconds. Sector times are generally far more accurate than a traditional lap beacon system.
  • Can I directly compare the lap sector times from the display and the analysis software?
Yes, the track markers can be imported and exported from the analysis software.
  • Can the DASH2 PRO be used on its own?
Yes, the DASH2 PRO has four (optionally 8) built in analogue inputs for monitoring temperatures and pressures, alarm levels and set up information can be set directly from the PC so it doesnít have to be connected to a data logger. It also has a non resettable odometer with trip counter for distance measurements and warning lights for main beam, fog light, indicators, brakes and alternator output.
  • Can the DASH2 PRO be used to control other systems?
Yes, there are four optional low side drivers on the DASH2 PRO which can be used to switch up to 500mA each, so suitable for controlling a relay. These outputs can be controlled using multiple control inputs. Such as turning on a cooling fan when the water temperature is high and the vehicle is travelling slowly, or turning on a warning light at different oil pressure readings depending on engine RPM.
Page last modified on February 22, 2012, at 06:36 AM