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PowerSupply / VIDEO4SportPowerSupply

Power Supply Requirements - VIDEO4 Sport

The VIDEO4 sport is designed to be connected to a standard 12v automotive battery, and typically draws about 500mA plus whatever power is required for the cameras that are connected. In practice this means that the maximum current that the VIDEO4 is likely to require is about 1A for a system with 4 cameras. The unit must be fused to protect it, for most applications a 1.5A fuse is most suitable.

The voltage into the VIDEO4 sport is regulated down to 12v and then used to power the external 12v outputs on the rear connector panel for cameras etc. Note that this 12v regulator can only reduce the input voltage and if the cameras that you are using require 12v, then the power supply to the VIDEO4 must be above 12v. In practice most cameras work down to about 10v so operation is unaffected even with a relatively flat automotive battery. The VIDEO4 electronics will operate down to about 9v at which point the VIDEO4 will complete all “open” video files and shut down.

Page last modified on May 06, 2009, at 10:29 AM