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VIDEO4 / GettingStarted

Description of the first use of the VIDEO4

Please complete the following test procedure when using the VIDEO4 for the first time. No configuration is necessary to complete this test as the unit comes configured with a basic sample layout.

  1. For a first test make sure nothing is connected to the data port.
  2. Connect at least 1 camera to the VIDEO4 unit.
  3. If the unit is equipped with GPS, then attached a GPS antenna and put it on the vehicle roof with a clear view of the sky
  4. Insert a CF card, formatted as FAT32.
  5. Power up the VIDEO4.
  6. After about 10 seconds the power light should be on solid and the status light should be blinking, if they are not then refer to the section on LEDs to diagnose the problem.
  7. Press the Start/Stop recording button so start a recording, and then after a few minutes, press again to stop recording.
  8. Turn the VIDEO4 off by removing the power supply.
  9. Remove the flash card from the unit and put it into a USB2 reader connected to your PC.
  10. The CF card will have a directory on it labelled “NODATE” and within that directory it will have a number of files. Copy the whole directory to your PCs desktop.
  11. Open the directory on your desktop and double click on the VD4 file.
  12. This will start the video file playing in the RT software (assuming that the Race Technology software package has been installed first).
Page last modified on February 08, 2011, at 11:31 AM