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DL1MK3Configuration / FrequencyInputs

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Frequency inputs

There are four frequency inputs on the DL1 CLUB, they can be configured in a number of different ways.

NOTE: Only the frequency [Hz] channel will work unless the extended frequency input option is enabled on the DL1 CLUB. To see enabled options look here (link to page about viewing DL1 options) The settings for each of the frequency inputs can be set individually, select the appropriate frequency input from the drop down list at the top left hand corner of the box.
The calculated values from an input are as shown in this diagram:

The pulse count is the number of pulses which have been received on the channel
Pulse position is the time from the start of the previous 10mS logging period to when the pulse arrived. This can be used for looking at the relative positions of pulses which occur at similar times.

The different inputs can have filtering applied or custom equations in just the same way as the analogue inputs can. The channels to which the inputs can be mapped are as follows:

Frequency Frequency input 1-4, serial data frequency 1-4
Pulse counting Pulse 1-4
Pulse high time Measured time 1-12
Pulse low time Measured time 1-12
Pulse position Measured time 1-12
Duty cycle Aux 1-19
Mark space ratio Aux 1-19

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