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TriggeredTestMessages / RTTriggerTimestamp

RT_Trigger_Timestamp Trigger timestamp

RT_Trigger_Timestamp: 141, 0 (0x8D0020 + unit id) (0x340)

Byte 0: Validity
Byte 1: Accuracy
Bytes 2: Trigger Type (bit 7), Trigger number (bits 0 6)
Bytes 3-7: GPS time of week (micro-seconds)

This message is not output at a constant rate, but if enabled is output in response to detected trigger events.

The trigger type (byte 2, bit 7) is 0 if the event was generated by a falling edge, 1 if the event was generated by a rising edge.

The trigger number in the message is zero-based, but the trigger labeling on the unit fascias are 1-based, so a message trigger number of 0 corresponds to trigger 1 on the unit.

The time output is GPS time (time since midnight GMT on Saturday night) in micro-seconds.

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