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CommandLineSwitches / LoadDBCFiles

Load DBC Files

This applies only when /FO:DBC parameter is used (DBC processed CAN data)


/LOADDBC:(<DBC file_1 enclosed in double quotations>) (<DBC file_2 enclosed in double quotations>)…….(<DBC file_n enclosed in double quotations>)


/LOADDBC:(“C:\my(x86)dir\CANRT.dbc”) (“H:\my Dbc files\SPEEDBOX_mk1.dbc”) (“H:\my Dbc files\SPEEDBOX_mk1_2.3.1_onwards_CAN_Extended.dbc”)

Note: Keep a space between two sets of parenthesis to improve the readability.

Page last modified on May 20, 2016, at 04:03 PM