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NMEADataFormat / 1GPGGA


Essential fix data which provide 3D location and accuracy data.



GGA Global Positioning System Fix Data
123519 Fix taken at 12:35:19 UTC
4807.038,N Latitude 48 deg 07.038' N
01131.000,E Longitude 11 deg 31.000' E
1 Fix quality: 0 = invalid
1 = GPS position only
20: GPS speed
30: Combined GPS+inertial speed
08 Number of satellites being tracked
0.9 Horizontal dilution of position
545.4,M Altitude, Meters, above mean sea level
46.9,M Height of geoid (mean sea level) above WGS84 ellipsoid
(empty field) Time in seconds since last DGPS update
(empty field) DGPS station ID number
*47 Checksum data, always begins with *
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