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RTAnalysisHowDoI / ChangeUnits

How can I change the units in the software ?

step 1: Enter the data menu in the top left hand corner of the screen, and select the "Variable Manager" option.

step 2: A window will now appear. Click on the small cross to the left of where it says "Standard Variables".

step 3: This will open up a sub-menu. Click the small cross to the left of the word "speed", and then select "units".

step 4: This will open up another window. By selecting the downwards pointing arrow to the left of where it says "Units as displayed", you will pull down a menu showing the various different units of measurement that you can choose from. Select the one that you want and press "OK"

step 5: You will now be returned to the Variable Manager window. Your alteration will be highlighted in red. To activate your alteration, press the "Apply" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the menu.

Page last modified on January 07, 2019, at 09:58 AM