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DASH2Configuration / UnitControlInputs

Unit control inputs

The DASH2 uses four buttons (up, down, select, menu), the first three of these can be programmed to perform specific functions. By pressing and releasing one of these buttons whilst the menu button is pressed a further three functions are possible, giving a total of six. The functions are set up by selecting the 'Unit control inputs' box in the main DASH2 configuration software:

The available functions are as follows:


Button performs no function.

Next Screen

Changes to the next available screen of data. If only one screen is enabled nothing will happen

Previous Screen

Changes to the previous available screen of data. If only one screen is enabled nothing will happen

Trigger logger

If connected to an external logger such as a DL1 MK3 this will start or stop logging on the remote device

Add Marker

When logging data and with a valid GPS signal, pushing this button will add a lap marker at the current location and in the current direction. If this is the first marker it will become the lap marker, subsequent markers become sector markers.

Trip Reset

Reset the trip counter shown at the bottom of the screen.

Show Max/Min

Changes the screen to show the maximum values on the current screen, after 5 seconds the screen will change back to normal.
If pressed again within that 5s period the screen will change to show the minimum values.
If pressed for a third time the max / min values will be reset.

Reset Lap Times

Clears all records of best lap and sector times

Reset Lap Count

Clear the lap counter back to zero
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