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AnalysisHowDoI / MathsChannelWithTimeDependency

Maths channel with time dependency


You want a user formula that is "1" if boost pressure is greater than 0.9bar for at least 0.3 seconds, otherwise “0”?


You cannot do what you what in a single step, it requires a few equations. I will show an example for a flag that goes high when speed is over 200kph for 3 seconds.

Maths channel 1:


So this is a simple flag, when speed is under 200 then 1, otherwise 0

Maths channel 2:



So when the speed flag is over 200kph, we ramp up, and reset when we are under 200kph. The result is this channel is a timer that shows the number of seconds we are over 200kph.

Maths channel 3:


Another simple flag… in this case it goes high if #2 is over 3 seconds.

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