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VIDEO4 / Configuration

VIDEO4 Configuration

All aspects of the VIDEO4 are configured using the comprehensive PC configuration software, this includes the video overlay layout, the recording quality, the automatic start and stop recording options and the automated chapter marking. For more information about the software, please see PC software and VIDEO4 Configuration Tool sections.

Loading a New Overlay file

  1. Rename the Overlay file to DEFAULT.VGL and copy it to a formatted CF card.
  2. Insert the CF card to VIDEO4 unit and power it up.
  3. All the LED indicators on the front panel will light up -> At this moment VIDEO4 starts to copy files.
  4. After few seconds the Power LED will light up. (And the rest turn off or flash)
  5. If the copy is successful, DEFAULT.VGL will be moved to a folder named DONE.
  6. Now VIDEO4 is ready proceed with the new Overlay file.

Example Layouts

Race Technology setup program installs more than fifty example layout files for both PAL and NTSC with the pc software. They include both standard and widescreen resolution layouts and are in the Program Files\RaceTechnologyV7\VIDEO4 Configuration Tool\Example Layouts directory. following are few basic layouts installed with the software.

PAL Layouts:

NTSC Layouts:

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