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GoProOnlySoftware / LoadingMultipleVideos

Loading multiple videos

1. Open Race Technology Analysis application using the launcher shortcut.

2. Loading the primary video file

a) Open the file open dialog ("File -> Load GoPro MP4 or LRV file" / using the Load button on toolbar)
b) Select a video file and confirm it.

3. Loading PIP videos using the “Run Manager”.


Open “Run manager” dialog using the menu command Data > Run Manager or click the button on the tool bar.


Select the “video setup tab” -

c) Select the first camera from the

“Camera” drop down list

d) Then drag and drop a video to the

“Video file” text box or
use the browse button to select a file

d) Selected video file is now loaded

into the first camera

4. Repeat the step 3 to load videos to the other cameras. (up to four PIP videos can be loaded)

Page last modified on June 29, 2021, at 07:25 AM