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HowDoI / ConnectALoggingIndicatorToTheDL1PRO

How do I connect a logging indicator?

There are four status outputs available on the DL1 PRO/WP, all are on the 19 way connector.

19 way Name Description Connector or wire colour
H GPS LED Active low GPS LED driver (20mA green-black
O Power LED Active low Power LED driver (20mA) orange
R Logging LED Active low Logging LED driver (20mA) Green
S Status LED Active low Status LED driver (20mA) blue

Each of the four outputs can be used to drive an LED with a maximum current of 20mA. The LED should be connected up as shown here:

When connecting to a 12v supply use a 1k ohm resistor, if using a 5v supply a 220 ohm resistor should be used. No configuration is required to drive these LEDs

Page last modified on February 11, 2014, at 10:49 AM