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VIDEO4Firmware / CopyingCurrentFirmware

Taking a copy of existing firmware files (and all other files on the internal drive)

Sometimes it is desireable to keep a copy of current VIDEO4 firmware and it’s configuration on the PC. To do this:

1. Insert a formatted CF card into a USB2 reader connected to a PC and create a blank text file on it using Notepad called "COPYBA.CMD"

2. Insert the flash card into the VIDEO4 unit, and power it up.

3. All the LED indicators on the front panel will light up; At this moment VIDEO4 starts to copy files

4. After a few seconds the Power LED will light up, with the other LEDs off or flashing.

5. Turn the VIDEO4 off and remove the flash card.

6. Review the contents of the flash card by inserting into a USB2 reader connected to a PC

You will notice the firmware files are backed up inside a folder named INTERNAL
(COPYBA.CMD file will be moved to the DONE folder if the copy is successful)

7. Keep a backup of the entire folder in your PC for later use

Page last modified on May 06, 2009, at 08:17 AM