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DASH2PRO-HowDoI / ConnectMyFuelSensor

How do I connect my Fuel Level Sensor

It is advisable to connect a fuel level sensor directly to the DASH2 PRO rather than via a data logger, this means that the fuel level will be available all of the time even if the data logger is not connected.

Connect the sensor up as shown here.

Fuel level sensor are often 1 wire sensors, follow the instructions on the link for selecting a sensor pull up value.

Configure the DASH2 PRO to display the analogue channel on the screen for the fuel level sensor.

With the tank empty and the DASH2 PRO operating, note down the voltage recorded by the sensor at each stage as the tank is filled up. After completing this a full table of values of voltage and tank capacity should be available. Something like this:

Fuel Voltage
0 4.5
10 4
20 3.4
30 3
35 2.7

In the configuration software for the DASH2 PRO, select the Analoge Inputs box

and then click on the 'Input Equation' for the correct analogue input.

Select the option to enter values from a table and then enter the values for the voltage and fuel level.

When this channel is displayed it should now show the fuel level.

Page last modified on September 25, 2013, at 10:40 AM