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LapTimingGuide / CommonErrorsWhenDoingLapTiming

Most common errors when doing lap timing

  • It is not recommended to keep more than one lap file on the memory card. Keep the card relatively “clean”, do not have extraneous data, config files, etc on the card.
  • Lap timing is reset when the dashboard loses power, so if you are getting intermittent results it is worth checking the power connections to the car. If power supply problems are suspected then it is worth running power from a separate battery pack to confirm.
  • Be patient – you won’t get any useful results until you’ve passed the lap marker for the 2nd time, the first time that the lap marker is passed the lap times are just “reset”. The 2nd time the lap marker is passed then a lap time can be displayed. If you get impatient and attempt to add another lap marker near the first one you will get unsatisfactory results.
  • On a few occasions we’ve seen electrical interference getting picked up on the data cables to the dashboard. If after checking everything else there are display problems, or other unexpected behaviour then check the wiring isn’t routed near any sources of high RF interference, for example the ignition system or car to pit radio system. We’ve seen where an incorrectly connected high level RPM feed can be a problem.
  • Lap timing is completely reliant on having GPS data, so if lap timing is not working as expected then check that your logged GPS data looks correct. If the track map is not smooth and complete then it is unlikely that lap timing could work. In this case start by check that the GPS antenna and cable are in good condition, the antenna has a good view of the sky, the antenna connection is screwed in securely, the GPS system isn’t exposed to very high levels of vibration etc
Page last modified on November 19, 2009, at 12:48 PM