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Link G4 / Vi-PEC (CAN)


  • Link G4
  • Vi-PEC (CAN)


Under ECU controls> CAN configuration Load in CAN configuration available from Race Technology or select the following:


These ECU should be connected via CAN connections:

You will need a cable from the ECU manufacturer in order to connect the Race Technology interface to the data output of the ECU.

Pin Colour Function
1 Brown Ground
2 Blue N/A
3 White CAN H
4 Green CAN L
5 Yellow ECU RS232 TX
6 Gray ECU RS232 RX

Connect CAN high from the Race Technology device to CAN high on the ECU, connect likewise for CAN low. Please refer to the documentation of the Race Technology product for pin assignment of CAN high and low.

Data Channel Listing

Any 15 channel can be selected, but configuration needed on the Race Technology interface to match the ECU configuration.

ECU Message Name Race Technology Data Channel Resolution of Data
IAT Ambient air temp (temperature 1) 1oC
ECT Coolant temp (temperature 8) 1oC
MAP Boost pressure (pressure 5) 1 kPa
IGN angle Ignition angle (angle 2) 0.1o
Oil pressure Oil pressure (pressure 2) 1 kPa
TP (main) Throttle position (aux 1) 0.10%
Wideband 1 Lambda 1 (misc 1) 0.01 lambda
Wideband 2 Lambda 2 (misc 2) 0.01 lambda
Engine speed RPM (Engine RPM) 1 RPM
%ethanol Nitrous (aux 25) 0.10%
Batt voltage Battery voltage (misc 3) 0.01V

Not all channels listed in the table above may be available from your ECU. The available data channels vary with the vehicle model, year of manufacture & connected sensors.

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