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DASH4PRO2 / DASH4PRO2SoftwareSupport

Software support

As part of the standard Race Technology software, we supply a comprehensive configuration utility for the DASH4PRO which allows the user to tailor the display to meet your exact requirements. You can use the software to configure the following features:

  • What variables are displayed on the screen and where (information can be displayed in three differently sized fonts)
  • What graphs are displayed and where
  • What bar charts are displayed and where
  • What lap and sector timing information is displayed
  • Any filtering on variables
  • Alarm limits on variables
  • Units conversions – e.g. from volts to degrees Centigrade, in the case of a temperature sensor
  • When illuminated - e.g. based on an analogue sensor, RPM, etc
  • Configuration of the two sets of LEDs for use as Performance Indicator, Shift Lights, or a bar chart based on any variable.
Page last modified on July 23, 2014, at 12:58 PM