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RTLIVE billing

Data costs:

  • Monthly charge of 2 credits
  • 1MB of data upload from a RT live unit to the cloud server, 0.2 credits
    • For race applications a data rate of about 10MB an hour is typical assuming you are also sending a few sensor readings and ECU data for example
    • For safety applications a data rate of about 1MB an hour is typical
  • 1MB of data from the cloud server to the Live monitor running on the PC, 0.2 credits
  • Storage of 1GB of data on the cloud server, 1 credit per month
  • Charge for sending an SMS notification, 0.2 credits
  • Charge for sending an email notification or report, 0.05 credits

Additional credits can be purchased at any time via the web interface. Note that 10 units are included with an RT live when it ships, 5 credits are automatically added for new RT Cloud accounts

Page last modified on July 17, 2019, at 05:22 PM