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SPEEDBOX / Introduction-SendingAndReadingTheConfiguration

SPEEDBOX configuration tool, Introduction, sending and reading configuration

To start the SPEEDBOX configuration tool, navigate to it from the start menu:
Start / Programs / Race Technology V8.5 / Configuration / SPEEDBOX

The main screen will now load up:

Connecting the PC to the SPEEDBOX

Before any configuration can take place, the PC running the configuration software must be connected to the SPEEDBOX using either the serial port or the USB port on the SPEEDBOX. To connect directly from a serial port on the PC to the serial port on the SPEEDBOX use a null modem type cable (a null modem cable is supplied as standard with the SPEEDBOX). To connect from a USB port on the PC to the USB port on the SPEEDBOX, use a USB A->B type cable (a USB A->B cable is supplied as standard with the SPEEDBOX). To connect from a USB port on the PC to a serial port on the SPEEDBOX, use a USB->Serial adaptor, and connect the adaptor to the SPEEDBOX using a null modem cable. A USB->Serial adaptor is not supplied, but are widely available at low cost.

With the SPEEDBOX turned on, select the appropriate serial port from the drop down menu and the appropriate baud rate. The baud rate selected must match the baud rate of the serial port on the SPEEDBOX - this is 115200 baud by default, and will only be different if it has been configured differently by the user.

If the connection is successful the current configuration data is downloaded from the SPEEDBOX and can be viewed in the configuration software. The type, firmware version and serial number of the unit will be displayed along the top of the configuration software.

Loading and Saving Configurations

The unit configuration can be saved or loaded from the File menu.

To save a configuration, use "File->Save Configuration". The current values from the configuration software will be saved with the extension ".s20". To save the configuration from a unit, first connect to the unit (press "Connect"), which will cause the configuration of the unit to be read into the configuration software. Then save the configuration as described previously.

To load a configuration in order to send it to a unit, it is very important that the order of operations is correct. First, connect to the unit. Next, load the required configuration from file using "File->Load Configuration". Then, send the configuration to the unit by pressing "Send Configuration". If you load a configuration and then press "Connect", the loaded configuration will be overwritten by the configuration from the unit.

Available Configuration Parameters

The configuration parameters for the different parts of the unit can be set using the following tabs on the configuration software. Click on the link to go to the relevant section.

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