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DASH2PRO / TechnicalSpecification

Technical Specification

Display 808 segment customised HTN high contrast, non-reflective, EL backlit LCD
Controls 4 optional external buttons
Power Supply Requirements 12v nominal input, minimum of 10v, maximum of 28v. Current consumption approximately 250mA
Reference outputs Dual 5v 500mA internally monitored reference outputs
Case Construction Die cast zinc alloy, sealed to IP64
Connector Type 1 x 19-way, 1 x 24-way Binder 423 series circular multi-pole connectors
Main Processor 150MHz TI DSP
Serial Port Configured to send/receive Race Technology format serial data. Optional second serial port for receiving data from multiple systems. Optional built in ECU interfaces.
CAN Port OPTIONAL receive up to 105 channels mapped to Race Technology data channels for storage, retransmission, or data logging. 11 or 29 bit addressing, up to 1Mbit.

OPTIONAL second CAN port

Analogue inputs 4 analogue inputs (option for extra 4). 0-20v input, 12 bit. Resolution 5mV

Maximum sample rate 100Hz

Ignition in Signal (High Level) Designed to connect directly to negative terminal of ignition coil. Can also fire from fuel injectors and from CD ignition systems.
Ignition in Signal (Low Level) Triggering voltage requires a low input of <1v and a high input of >4v and 15v maximum. Suitable for connection directly to most ECU tacho outputs. Maximum input frequency >300Hz.
Low side driver outputs OPTIONAL 4 low side drivers updating at 10Hz, each capable of driving 500mA.

OPTIONAL upgrade to PWM outputs for 100-1000Hz PWM drivers

USB Port Connection for configuration and downloading of logged data
Data Logging OPTIONAL Log all CAN / Serial / internal channels. Maximum logging capacity 8GB. Downloaded over USB
GPS input SMA connector, 3.3v active antenna.
Accelerometer OPTIONAL 3 axis, precision digital output. Guaranteed 2g minimum full scale on both axes. Resolution of 0.005g. Optional 6g sensor available as a factory option.
Temperature Factory tested from -20C to 70C

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