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UBLOXDataFormat / NAV-POSECEFPositionSolutionInECEF

NAV-POSECEF Position solution in ECEF

Description Position solution in ECEF
Message structure Header ID Length Payload Checksum
0xB5 0x62 0x01 0x01 20 20 bytes CK_A CK_B
Payload contents:
Byte offset Number format Scaling Name Unit Purpose/Comment
0 U4 - ITOW ms GPS millisecond time of week
4 I4 - ECEF_X cm ECEF X coordinate
8 I4 - ECEF_Y cm ECEF Y coordinate
12 I4 - ECEF_Z cm ECEF Z coordinate
16 U4 - PAcc cm Position accuracy estimate
Page last modified on February 11, 2010, at 11:01 AM