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BRAKEBOX / RecallResults

BRAKEBOX "Recall" menu

Recall Results. This mode allows you to recall test data that is stored in the BRAKEBOXs internal memory for review on the screen, or to be printed. The information, tables and variables that are displayed and printed are as set up in the configuration menu.

To view the stored results, select "List Results" using the SET button. This will open the list of results, showing the name of the first (earliest) stored run. Move through the list using the up and down arrow. Note that the last saved run at the end of the list can be easily viewed by pressing the up arrow key first after entering the list. To view the saved results for a given run press the SET button. Note that if printing is set to always, this only applies to live tests, and you will instead be prompted whether to print the stored results. The variables and tables displayed and (optionally) printed may be changed by entering the configuration menu and changing the tables to generate and variables to show, and then re-entering the results list to select and display the results.

To view the current memory usage, select "Show Memory Usage" using the SET button. This will show the number of saved results and the percentage of memory used. The memory can be cleared if required from the configuration menu.

Page last modified on August 24, 2007, at 06:26 AM