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RTLive / TermsAndConditionsForRTLive

Additional Terms and Conditions for RT LIVE

RT LIVE uses the 3G network for communications and data upload to a cloud storage provider. These network services are provided by a third party and as such the usage charges are not under the direct control of Race Technology and may therefore vary from time to time, though we always endeavour to keep any changes to a minimum.

The estimated usage charges for RT LIVE are based on the default configuration which should suit a typical user. This configuration includes 5Hz GPS update rate and 25Hz updates for accelerometer, engine speed and 4 analogue channels. If the user makes changes to the number of channels or the update rates this will affect the amount of data to be transmitted and therefore the usage charges, so actual usage charges may vary from the examples given.

Full functionality of RT LIVE is dependent on having 3G network coverage. If network service is unavailable RT LIVE will be unable to transmit live data. In this case data is stored in the RT LIVE internal memory for upload when network coverage is restored. Race Technology Ltd cannot take responsibly for the availability of 3G network coverage.

If an RT LIVE has no credit for a period of 3 months or more, Race Technology reserves the right to cancel the SIM card. Prior to cancellation a notification will be sent to the registered email address for the unit. An administration charge of GBP100 will be levied to reactivate a cancelled SIM card. This reactivation charge also applies if the SIM card is cancelled or damaged by the user.

RT LIVE has an internal battery to ensure that data uploads can be completed even if external power is disconnected. In common with all batteries the capacity will reduce over time, especially if the unit is exposed to extremes of temperature or if the unit is not used for an extended period of time. The internal battery is therefore excluded from the warranty.

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