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VOB / ConfigurationTool

VOB configuration tool introduction

The VOB data display unit can be configured to display many variables in a variety of ways. Most of the configuration options are carried out using the VOB Configuration Utility, while others may be performed on the VOB display itself.

The VOB configuration utility is used to create a data file which, in conjunction with a DL1 or DL2, can be used to configure the VOB to display the various data values available from the DL1 or DL2.

The configuration data file (always called vob.dat) contains the layout and channel information for the VOB, and must be placed on the compact flash card in order to transmit the information to the VOB.

With communication established between the DL1 or the DL2 and the VOB (simply connecting them and turning them on should do it, assuming that the communications baud rate is set correctly, click here to learn about baud rates). Insert the compact flash card containing the vob.dat file into Data Logging Unit, which will recognize the vob.dat file and transmit the information contained within to the VOB. The VOB will then save this data to internal memory, so that if the you do not need to change the settings, you do not need to include the vob.dat file on the Compact Flash Card.

There are two screens to the VOB configuration utility:

There is also a list of variables used with the software available here.

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